Chinese buyers remain enthused about snapping up US homes


We see political concerns and capital controls in China. However, different from what some people may expected, the US is still the popular investment target for mainland Chinese people and Hong Kong investors. The strong US dollor and Trump administration are not stopping the steps of Chinese buyers, and their investment in US residential resl estate is at an all-time high. A total of US$31.7 billion has been spent on purchasing US homes by Chineses buyers from April 2016 to March 2017. Different from the incentive for Canadian buyers which is linked to the skyrocketing home prices in Canada, Chinese buyers have a more ideological interest. The most popular area for international buyers are coastal cities, expecially in Florida, Texas and California. Chinese prefer suburban areas (61%) most, and more than two-thirds bought detached single-family houses.  

Souce: South China Morning Post

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