Chinese investors hungry to get into US commercial real estate market


It's not just a beautiful house in the US that attracts Chinese buyers - they are also interested in storefronts and other commercial real estate. According to a new report, China was the top country for buyers for US commercial real estate last year (17 percent), followed by Mexico (14 percent), United Kingdom (7 percent), and Venezuela (7 percent). Sellers were typically from China (17 percent), Brazil, Canada, France, and Mexico (each at 10 percent). The stable employment growth in the US drives the healthy development of real estate markets, which offers exposure to various segment of US economy, high returns, investment diversification, and safe heaven in the current low-yield environment in the world. However, there're still some headwinds for international buyers, including the stronger dollar which makes US real estate more expensive, and capital control for Chinese buyers specifically. Read more here.

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