Connecting with Chinese buyers of US property - successful event at prestigious club in Shanghai


On Sunday August 31st, East-West Property Advisors held a two-hour seminar on investing in USA real estate at a prestigious club close to the Bund, the most prestigious area in Shanghai. The event was titled: “How to Earn Money by Investing in US Properties” and covered the many aspects of buying a property in the USA. The event was strictly “by invitation only”, and more than twenty-five guests were present to learn about the US real estate market while enjoying afternoon tea and canapés.  Presenters of East-West Property Advisors spoke in both Mandarin and English language.

The seminar provided a historic overview of the US real estate market, the current state and the forecast as predicted by economists and other experts.  During the event, East-West Property Advisors covered several cities such as Los Angeles and New York in detail by showing prices, trends and properties.

Attendees were also keen to learn more about cities such as Boston, San Francisco, and others. As has been the trend, good schools and safe neighborhoods were at the top of the concerns that Chinese investors have when looking for properties. Attendees indicated several reasons for their interest in buying a property in the US: acquiring cash-flow properties, realizing appreciation, immigrating with a family, as well as obtaining a vacation property. East-West Property Advisors also addressed lingering questions about specific cities, taxes, schools, and investment potential. Many attendees were particularly interested in the single-family homes available in neighborhoods around Los Angeles such as Irvine as well as condo apartments in close proximity to good schools in Boston.

This two hour seminar received positive feedback with guests spending time after the event with representatives of East-West Property Advisors to discuss their specific requirements in more detail.


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