Four unconventional ways of wooing Chinese buyers

Attracting Chinese real estate buyers

From running websites in Mandarin to hiring Chinese staff, the real estate agencies are leaving no stone unturned to get their share of the swelling Chinese investment in the U.S. Billions of dollars are on the market so their desperation is natural, but it’s quite interesting to note that the lion’s share goes to only a handful of brokers.

Every wondered why?

The answer is quite simple: these smart brokers go off the beaten path and think out of the box. They ensure that their marketing strategy and skills to reach out to Chinese buyers stand out in the crowd. It doesn’t mean that an agent can conveniently turn a blind eye to the basics like having a bilingual website or one specifically in Chinese languages, but there is no end to creative and innovative ideas which if implemented properly can put the agent much ahead of others in the race.

Below are some unconventional ways of wooing Chinese buyers:

Establish yourself as an expert

An authoritative voice in marking messages is one of the best and most effective ways of getting real estate leads. The brokers who manage to establish themselves as experts on the subject find it easy to generate trust among buyers.

There are several ways of achieve this objective. More and more banks in China are providing mortgages to Chinese overseas property buyers. These banks organize seminars and workshops to educate buyers about property buying process and for this purpose, they invite real estate agents from America to sit on panels. Agents should always be on the lookout for such opportunities. They can even send these banks a letter or an email expressing their willingness to take part in these seminars.

Real estate agents can also negotiate with Chinese real estate websites and other media platforms to contribute columns or niche articles. Another way is to organize seminars and workshops in neighborhoods dominated by Asian communities in the U.S. Agents can have home inspectors, title agencies, and mortgage brokers participate in these seminars to make them comprehensive and more educational.

Attending cultural events important to the community

It’s no secret anymore that most of the prospective Chinese buyers trust their friends and relatives who have already bought a home in America. Attending cultural or religious events important to Chinese people already living here can help an agent make the much needed inroads in the community.

Partnership with broker agencies in China

For real estate agents who have no direct contacts with Chinese buyers, but have gained years of experience in American property market, the best way to make inroads is to partner with local Chinese agents or agencies like East-West Property Advisors that help Asian buyers with making purchases of US real estate.

Extend your reach

Chinese buyers are no longer clustered in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. They are beginning to expand into cities in Florida and even in Seattle and Las Vegas. So if you run into a Chinese buyer who isn’t interested in the neighborhood where you have an expertise, you can always refer them to others agents. Be assured that these agents will return the favor someday.

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