Mainland Chinese favor real estate in US, Australia and Canada.


Chinese buying overseas real estateMainland Chinese would most prefer to buy real estate in Australia, the United States and Canada, showing a different consumption pattern to Hong Kong residents. 

Based on research by YouGov, a British market research firm, Mainland Chinese residents were predominantly interested in buying real estate in Australia, US and Canada. By comparison, Hong Kong residents prefer to invest in Japan, Australia and UK, followed by interest in Canada and US.

Hong Kong is part of China but has a very different history. Hong Kong was a colony of Britain but returned to China's control in 1997.  The legal and financial system is very different in Hong Kong compared to Mainland China.  Hong Kong is considered to be much more open, free information sharing and has its own currency (the Hong Kong Dollar).

As a market of potential buyers, the Mainland China is considered to be extremely important as it is home to more than 1.3 billion people. Hong Kong has 7.3 million residents.

Source: Middle East North Africa Financial Network, April 25 2017

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