Why the Swiss, Saudis and Chinese landed in Nashville


Foreign real estate investors have become active in Nashville.  Downtown Nashville’s Hampton Inn & Suites has been bought by Saudi investors, a Swiss investment firm bought a major office building in downtown Nashville and Chinese funds were used by Tony Giarratana’s to develop a 32-story apartment tower.   Buyers from Singapore, Norway and the United Arab Emirates spent almost $400 million in neighboring counties over the past three years. Overseas funds is impacting the skyline in Nashville and acquiring the hotels where you sleep, the retail centers where you shop and the apartments where you rent. Foreign buyers paid $634 million for Middle Tennessee commercial property in 2015 and 2016. That injection of international capital lends credence to Nashville’s rising-star status and positions foreign investors as a force that could extend the lifespan of the frenzy. Read the full article here.

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