Top three reasons why Chinese are buying US properties

Reasons why Chinese buy US real estate

The latest National Association of Realtors survey has established what every real estate agent in America already knows: Chinese buyers are on a home buying spree here. In fact, a dollar value jump of almost 72% in the Chinese investment - from $13 billion to almost $22 billion in just one year...

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5 things to help you make good first impressions when dealing with Chinese property buyers

Chinese property buyers

Chinese real estate buyers are known for treading cautiously when purchasing a property overseas.  They often take a lot of time to research the market, a given property and the agency involved. As they may be sceptical about many things while buying a property in an unknown country, brokers...

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Three things smart real estate agents should follow to increase their Chinese client base

Finding Chinese real estate buyers

Real estate agents in the U.S. are finding themselves suddenly caught up in the dawn of a new era. With the foreign investors taking the country’s otherwise sluggish property market by storm, the agents are on a roll as their phones are buzzing and email inboxes are flooded with enquiries from ov...

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Four unconventional ways of wooing Chinese buyers

Attracting Chinese real estate buyers

From running websites in Mandarin to hiring Chinese staff, the real estate agencies are leaving no stone unturned to get their share of the swelling Chinese investment in the U.S. Billions of dollars are on the market so their desperation is natural, but it’s quite interesting to note that the li...

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Tips on using Social Media to attract Chinese real estate buyers

Chinese property buyers and social media

Until the recession hit the US real estate market hard in 2008, only a handful of ultra rich Chinese buyers used to dabble in property investment here. These buyers were very rich, so most of them had friends in the right places to guide them through the buying process. But as Chinese investors f...

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US real estate seminar in Hangzhou (China)

US real estate seminar

On June 15th 2014 more than 20 potential Chinese clients and business partners gathered in Hangzhou to learn about the USA real estate market.


East-West Property Advisors, a US real estate advisory firm, was invited by an asset management company to present potent...

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Going Online to Woo Chinese Buyers? Learn How to Get Past the Great Firewall of China

Online Chinese real estate buyers

The Internet is the best medium for corporations to enter new global markets. With no strings attached, it’s lightning fast, cheap and has an incredibly great reach, connecting the globe’s one part with another in real time. Real estate professionals are also using it to push uniform m...

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What are Overseas Chinese parents looking for when purchasing a home in the US for their child’s education?

Overseas Chinese parents buying real estate in US

The trend that Chinese are becoming a prominent buyer of US real estate is well-known to most of us. As Reuters has reported recently, Chinese have become the largest foreign group of buyers of real estate in Manhattan. While much of the influx of Chinese money is for investment reasons, educatio...

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East-West Property Advisors assisting Chinese parents with housing for their children’s education in USA (Education Exhibition in Shanghai)

New York

On March 29th 2014, East West Property Advisors participated in the EIC Overseas Education conference in Shanghai, China. The event was open to anyone interested in studying abroad. Over 500 Chinese families attended the exhibition to meet with representatives from North American, European, Asian...

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Published in Forbes - How to crack Chinese market


Published in Forbes in Feb 2014: How to crack the Chinese market. It describes how East-West Property Advisors is advising Chinese clients with buying US homes using multiple languages.

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