Preferred locations in US for Chinese real estate buyers


Chinese buying US real estate

Chinese buyers are purchasing real estate all over Amer...

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Interview with Capital Weekly - investing in US real estate market

Hong Kong

Interview with Capital Weekly, prominent Hong Kong business magazine around Chinese investing in the US property market, differences between the different types of investors and returns that can be achieved in the American real estate market. Click here to go the >>Read More

The great opportunity the Chinese house buyers bring to USA market


According to a report published by NAR on the twelve month period ending March 2014, Chinese house buyers accounted for the largest sales dollar volume in the U.S. real estate market. Chinese house buyers had spent a total of $22 billion to buy American houses during this period. This is a steep...

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Connecting with Chinese buyers of US property - successful event at prestigious club in Shanghai


On Sunday August 31st, East-West Property Advisors held a two-hour seminar on investing in USA real estate at a prestigious club close to the Bund, the most prestigious area in Shanghai. The event was titled: “How to Earn Money by Investing in US Properties” and covered the many aspects of buying...

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Why the Chinese interest in US real estate will not stop anytime soon


The surge of Chinese investment in American real estate market has been huge recently, but is it going to stay that way for long?

Should real estate agencies, especially those which have so far been catering to their local clients but now want to extend their global footprints from scra...

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Not all Chinese home buyers are all-cash: Help those looking to finance their purchase


Real estate agents are obviously not mortgage brokers, but that said, one fact will surely make them wear more than one hat: nearly 30 percent of Chinese nationals, who ar...

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Quoted in Bloomberg: Chinese millionaire in dispute with broker in Malibu


East-West Property Advisors was quoted in an article published by Bloomberg on August 20, 2014. 

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Interview with Shanghai Times - Rising demand for overseas properties


East-West Property Advisors' Director Sam Van Horebeek was interviewed by Shanghai Times around investing in the US real estate market.  The article was published on July 9 2014. An excerpt of the interview is belo...

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Want to woo Chinese buyers? Solve feng shui puzzle first

Feng Shui and real estate

A surge in Chinese investment in American real estate has given agents a new puzzle to solve: the principles of feng shui and numerology.

The realization that these principles have a strong influence on Chinese buyers has led to a subtle swift in the marketing strategies of not only age...

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What types of homes Chinese buyers prefer in America

Overseas Chinese property buyers

Apart from pumping billions into the American economy, there is another reason as to why real estate professionals love Chinese buyers. This segment of foreign buyers really has money to burn.

Chinese buyers paid a median home price of nearly $523,148 against the America’s average of $1...

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